General Information

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Smoking Ban

Ireland has introduced a blanket ban on smoking in all places of work to protect public health and reduce the incidences of smoking-related illness. Smoking is prohibited in public areas within the island of Ireland, this includes all bars, nightclubs and restaurants.
Although hotel bedrooms may be exempt from the ban, it is applied to all other areas within hotels. (The date for introduction was March 29, 2004 in the Republic of Ireland and April 30, 2007 in Northern Ireland.)


The country code for Ireland is 353; for Northern Ireland it is 44. When dialling an Irish number from abroad, drop the initial 0 from the local area code e.g. Within Ireland, our telephone number is 01-4972003. From outside Ireland our number is +353-1-4972003.

Time Zone

Ireland is on Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) and, in accordance with daylight saving, clocks are put forward one hour mid-March and back one hour at the end of October. During summer it stays light until as late as 23.00hrs; but by mid-December it can be dark by 16.00hrs.

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