Food & Drink

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One of Ireland's most popular drinks is a cup of tea, but lager or Guinness (Porter) served in a pint glass (0.46l) are the most common drinks to be seen in Irish pubs. Prices vary from location to location. The following is a guideline to prices in pubs in central Dublin:
Pint of Lager: €5.00
Pint of Guinness: €4.50
Measure of Irish Whiskey: €4.20
Bottle of Coke: €2.80
Bottle of Mineral Water: €2.80
Glass of Wine: €5.00

Some popular Irish Foods include:
Potato - roast, boiled, mashed
Colcannon - mashed potato with spring onion
Beef - roast beef, steaks
Lamb (especially in spring) - roast, grilled (cutlets)
Irish Stew (with lamb and potato)
Smoked or Fresh Salmon
Shellfish - Oysters, Mussels, Dublin Bay Prawns
Brown Bread
Farmhouse Cheese
Apple Pie with cream
Baileys Cheesecake